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What is is an online fitness platform that offers a wide range of workout and relaxation sessions, designed to be more affordable and accessible than a traditional gym membership.
Why BeActiveTV
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The platform is owned by a fitness celebrity Ewa Chodakowska. She is a well-known Polish fitness instructor, entrepreneur, and the founder of 7 brands. She has almost 2M Instagram followers and is has helped over a 1M of Polish women to achieve their fitness goals.
Our platform is designed to cater to individual fitness journeys, offering a training plans that align with unique goals, preferences, and fitness levels. Users have the flexibility to immerse themselves into a fitness challenge that brings together a vibrant community or follow their own personalized routine.
The platform enables users to exercise whenever and wherever they choose, providing a flexible solution for staying fit. This unparalleled flexibility ensures that staying fit and healthy seamlessly integrates into any lifestyle, schedule, or location preference. work on mobile phones, desktops, tablets and TVs.
Trainings and content
At, our passion for wellness and fitness shines through the diversity and depth of our programs. With over 100 carefully curated training regimens crafted by our exceptional trainers, we not only offer a wealth of options but are continuously innovating to add more high-quality content to your fitness journey.
Our team at is not just experienced; we're pioneers in crafting workout videos that redefine the standards of quality. Each program is a blend of expertise, innovative training techniques, and cutting-edge production, ensuring an immersive and effective workout experience from the comfort of your home. We are committed to delivering content that not only challenges you but also motivates and inspires you to achieve your best self.

This year we will be launching new version of our app that will elevate the fitness journey of our users! One our most important new features are:

  • Spotify Integration: We understand that music is a powerful motivator in any workout routine. Our next update introduces seamless Spotify integration, allowing users to train to the rhythm of their favorite tunes.
  • Progress Tracker: To empower our users with visible proof of their hard work, we are introducing a sophisticated progress tracker.
  • Personalized Fitness Training Survey: Recognizing the diversity in fitness needs and preferences, our update will include a survey feature to facilitate the creation of personalized training regimens.
  • Enhanced Visual Quality: To ensure our app remains at the cutting edge of technology, we are upgrading our visual quality to FULL HD, with readiness for 4K depending on the user’s device.
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